Family Trust

Experience is called the most eloquent preacher, but it never has a large congregation, because the greatest sermon we will ever preach will be the sermon of our lives
-Delores Halls

Some people on earth have many different lives depending on whom you ask. Glenn was one of these people, a husband, bishop, mechanic, home teacher, pilot, explorer, businessman, icon of an industry. If you asked him, he would probably say he was a poor boy who worked hard, stayed out of debt, and tried his best to do what is right. Glenn spent his life as an entrepreneur, it was said in Morgan where the family lived “…those Halls boys could walk into a junkyard and come out driving a car.” Dreams are meant to be shared; sharing Glenn’s ensures they live on.

Glenn met and married Mary Delores Carter on April 12, 1935. Never blessed with children they immersed themselves in business, civic and religious service. Delores, Glenn’s wife of 57 years died in November 1992 after years of deteriorating health caused by complications created from cancer treatments. Delores served as Relief Society President, and teacher. She was Secretary of Relief Society at the time of her passing. She was known for the magnificence of her visual aides, intense spiritual focus and poetry. Glenn served in many church callings and as a faithful home teacher. He provided spiritually and temporally for many individuals an families throughout his life and beyond.

Glenn Halls only completed his formal education through the 9th grade, but continued learning his entire life. The Glenn & Delores Halls Family Trust provide assistance for the descendents of his parents, Earl & Eliza Halls to pay for missions served for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and for college education; thus sharing his dreams and dedication to building the Kingdom of God, education, personal growth, and self-improvement.

Our Purpose

Glenn & Delores never had any children of their own, it was Glenn’s wish to offer something to the descendants of his parents, Earl & Eliza. The Trust offers the opportunity for financial assistance with college tuitions and fees and for missionary work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

One of Glenn’s passions in life was maintaining his family history. He contributed heavily to the Halls Family Organization and even served as it’s President for many years. Glenn also funded a family history book that still has yet to be published. The Trust has continued his efforts by funding this site as an electronic gathering place for photos, stories and histories of Glenn’s Ancestors.